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Utility Africa has jointly over 100 years of energy experience within the group. This is ranging from various energy sectors and included in the following section.

Our Expertise

  • Network HV and LV design
  • Reticulation of houses/commercial/industrial properties
  • Tariff structures and tariff analysis
  • Regulation and policy guidance to potential investors, expansions, as well as negotiate on behalf of client with national government departments, regulators, local authorities and finance, investment and developmental entities.
  • Energy efficiency and energy management analysis of electricity processes and systems.
  • Design, implementation and project management of energy projects
  • Renewable energy designs and feasibility analysis for integration with grid supply
  • Implementation of electrification projects – AC and DC
  • Design and integration of different energy sources
  • Permitting services to implement energy projects
  • Energy Policy development at national, provincial, municipal and corporate levels.
  • Electricity Supply industry and infrastructure reform and modeling
  • Gas-to-power planning, permitting and implementation
  • IPP bidding, permitting and implementation
  • Access to energy – grid and non-grid implementation in formal, informal households and commercial applications
  • Alternative energy sources and concepts – PV, wind, bio-gas, biofuels, battery storage, fuel cells, EV’s, Energy-Water-Food Nexus
  • Energy Regulation
  • Consulting to municipality on various energy matters (energy planning, revenue management, distribution restructuring, access to energy (grid and off grid), regulatory aspect, tariff setting, etc.),
  • Advise and support various entities regarding energy planning, South Africa Renewable Energy IPP programme, Renewable energy project implementation, nuclear energy, battery storage technologies, regulatory applications, electricity infrastructure and access (grid, off-grid, mini-grids, smart grids),
  • Developed and managed Energy Trading,
  • Development of smart grids, integrating interactive metering and sustainable energy sources such as PV and storage with grid tie,
  • Implementation of embedded generators – small scale IPP’s, PV solar home systems, as well as micro PV reticulation,
  • Nuclear energy industry and radioactive waste management

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