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As soon as one of your team contact you, they will ask the following questions. Each question will help to size and specify your design differently.

1) Your contact information and your location (GPS coordinates)

Contact information will allow us to provide you with your proposal. The GPS coordinates are used to model your house by using satellite information. The satellite information can be used to indicate the gradient, orientation, shading and available space on the roof.

2) The purpose of the electrical system

Utility Africa’s purpose is to solve your electrical needs and not just to provide a solar PV system. We design each system based on your specific needs from:

  • Reducing your electrical bill
  • Protecting you and your business from load-shedding
  • Getting off the grid
  • Taking my business or estate offline
  • Or a combination of a few.

3) The twelfth month of electrical bills and your usage patterns

Our electrical bills indicate your average usage per month and current tariff structure. Utility Africa would recommend the correct tariff structure if a better option is available.

4) Installation considerations

Practical information from your building is required to ensure the quotation is accurate.

  • Location and condition of DB board(s) and the number of DB board(s)

We would have to add circuit breakers on your DB board and separate the critical and non-critrical circuits.

  • Location of battery and inverter installation?

We would further like to place the inverter within 10 m radius of the DB board to reduce cost and ease installation. Installation requires 2m by 2m wall area in a well ventilated space.

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