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Protect Your Business from Loadshedding

Load-shedding brings with it in-efficiencies and inactivity of staff and equipment. Do not allow your company to be affected further by load shedding. We will provide your business with the correct solution to ensure that you have electricity when you require it. We like to refer to this as energy freedom. We offer solutions through designing the optimal use of solar, batteries, and energy management tools such as metering & software and generators to create a solution that works for your business needs.

Reduce your operating cost

By generating your own electricity you will save on your operating cost. The cost of electricity will increase by a minimum of 13% for the next five years. Reduce your expenses and your unknowns.

Focus on what your business does best, and we will focus on your energy needs.

Note: All of our solutions have tax rebate structures associated with them. Contact us for more information.

Utility Africa offers a number of payment options.

Pay For My Solution Up Front

Ensuring that your business is secure with electricity is key to being competitive in a South African context. Pay for your solution, enjoy smart tax rebates and a 60-70% reduction on your electricity bill.

Return on Investment (ROI) is generally 2-4 years.

Make Someone Else’s Money Work For Me

Make someone else’s money work for you. We offer a number of funding solutions through banks as well as private equity funding depending on the size and scale of the Energy Solution your business requires.

Enjoy the benefits of saving money on your electricity bills as well as not being affected by load-shedding while not having to invest working capital into an energy/ solar system.

Getting solar has never been so simple.

Allow us to do an energy audit and propose a solution curated for your business and your needs.

Let Us be Your Utility

Utility Africa also offers a solution where we will install your energy solution for free, and you purchase the electricity from us.

Have all the benefits of uninterrupted electricity supply and reduction in your electricity bill without laying out any capital by paying for electricity as you are but only for a new utility (Not Eskom, but Utility Arica).

Getting solar has never been so simple.

Request a Free Energy Audit

Allow us to do an energy audit and propose a solution curated for your business and your needs.


Alternatively, Request a Free Quotation

Submit the quotation details below, and one of our Solar Engineers will get back to you with a formal quotation in less than 24 hours.

Book a Free Consultation

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