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Assist individual homeowners

Utility Africa assists homeowners in reducing their electrical bills and beating load-shedding within the rules of your estate. We assist you through the process and with the documentation required by the estates to obtain permission for installation.

Body cooperates / Property managers

Utility Africa offers metering management services for estates’ electricity, water and/or gas by managing each household solar generation, estate backup generator and maximum demand of the whole estate.

Loadshedding made households get solar, now let us utilise these systems to the benefit of the estate through our smart management and billing. Allow the estate to become its own “micro-grid” through the natural roll-out of solar systems and give control to the estate/complex and take back control from Eskom.

Property developers and assisting

Do not let the restrictions of the current municipal or Eskom electrical infrastructure hinder the development.

Utility Africa assists you in doing grid studies, reducing the estimated maximum demand for the development and initiative of solar systems for any type of development.

Getting solar has never been so simple.

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