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Utility Africa

Utility Africa aims to make energy, specifically Solar and Gas easy. Our team of engineers with over 80 years of experience will ensure the right solution at the best price for your home, business or farm.

Utility Africa Offers

Energy Freedom

No More Load shedding
Cost Saving

Reduce your Monthly Energy Bill by 70%
Compliant Installations

We adhere to all NERSA & Municipal Legislation
Payment Methods

We offer finance solutions
Fast Installation

Our large design team and stock availability ensure fast designs and installations

What Solar System
Do I Require?

I am a Business owner

Load-shedding brings with it in-efficiencies and inactivity of staff and equipment. Do not allow your company to be affected further by load shedding.

  • Protect Your Business from Load shedding
  • Reduce Your Operating Cost
  • Fund Your Energy Solution

I am a Homeowner

We will ensure your life does not stop when the power is off. We have an extensive range of Solar and other energy-saving product types to fit your needs and your pocket.

  • Beat Load Shedding
  • Save Me Money
  • Get Me Off-Grid
  • Fund Your Energy Solution

I live in an Estate

Utility Africa assists homeowners in reducing their electrical bills and beating load-shedding within the rules of your estate.

  • Assist Individual Homeowners
  • Body Cooperates / Property managers.
  • Property Developers and Assisting

I am a Farmer

Take control over the cost of electricity for your farm by being your own Utility or use the current legislation to your benefit with a solar system designed for your needs.

  • Reduce my Dependence on Eskom
  • Make Eskom Work for My Farm
  • Funding the solution

I am a Tenant

Take control over the cost of electricity for your farm by being your own Utility or use the current legislation to your benefit with a solar system designed for your needs.

  • Beat Load Shedding
  • Save Me Money
  • A Renewable Electricity solution for low-income communities

I live in an Informal Settlement

Utility Africa offers Electrification Solutions to informal settlements. No large investment cost, just a fixed monthly fee based on your needs.

  • Get Electricity Now
  • No large investment costs
  • A Renewable Electricity solution for low-income communities

How We Work

Utility Africa aims to make Solar Simple. In 6 easy steps, you will have the correct system for your energy requirements and method of payment.

Step 1

Obtain energy freedom

You can start by completing the information form.

Following this one of our Energy Engineers will contact you to request some additional information as needed and an initial proposal will be sent out.

Information form

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
Step 2

Site Evaluation, Design

Review the proposal from there.

One of our engineers have scheduled and concluded a site visit to collect detailed information, our design team will design the correct system for your requirements.

Our engineers will design a solar system package with your energy needs and your Home / Business / Farm / Estate’s, specifications in mind.

We work closely with you to design a solar PV system that exceeds your expectation and ensures maximum performance and lifespan of the total system.

Step 3

Determining the Best Way to Pay for Your Energy System

Utility Africa funding is registered with multiple funding and solar funders that offer solutions that fit every home or business owner. The three main funding options are:

  • Add the solar system expense to your existing home loan.
  • The solar system is funded between 75% and 100% and is paid back in monthly instalments for up to 7 years which is typically equal to the saving on your electrical bill.
  • Private Purchase Agreement (PPA) where Utility Africa funds the solar system and we supply the majority of your power but at the cost of 10% or less than Eskom or our Municipality kWh tariff.
Step 4

Permitting, Installation and commissioning

Once the design is finalised, our permitting technicians will complete and submit all the relative documents to the proper jurisdiction that supplies the properties (Eskom or municipal). The timeline depends on the jurisdiction and the size of the installation.

We handle the paperwork and ensure you are legal. One of our project managers will contact you to schedule installation in conjunction with the permitting process.

The solar system installation will be completed by our highly trained, safety-certificated crews, and the onsite project manager will be there to answer any questions you may have.

Typically: Take up to 2 days to 2 weeks. (The hand-in of permitting paperwork can take longer but depends)

Step 5


For the first two weeks our specialist team will review the performance of solar installation and optimize the system to optimize the battery usage.

A final inspection and project hand-over will take place after the performance has been confirmed.

Typically: Take up to 2 weeks

Step 6


We offer maintenance contracts to ensure that your full system is utilities and then automatically change the operating paraments for load-shedding.

Got Any Questions?

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