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Beat Load Shedding

We will ensure your life does not stop when the power is off. We have an extensive range of Solar and other energy-saving product types to fit your needs and your pocket.

We will be able to advise and provide the correct solution for you and have a number of payment solutions to make Solar simple and affordable.

Save me money

We can reduce your electrical bill to *70%. By generating your own electricity, you will save on your monthly electricity bill. With the cost of electricity set to increase by a minimum of 12% annually over the next five years, you can start saving now.

Reduce your expenses and your exposure to load-shedding

Utility Africa will ensure that the optimal cost and “utility bill” saving solution for your home is designed and installed – enabling you to make the most out of every Rand.

As Utility Africa buys in large volumes, we can offer the tried and tested equipment at the best price. We offer the highest quality products and installations with our Guarantees ranging from 10 – 25 years on components.

*Savings will be dependent on your use and your local municipal tariff structure.

Protect yourself and your family against: 

  1. Constant electrical tariff hikes 
  2. Unrelenting load-shedding 
  3. Unsafe and illegal installations

Get Me Off-Grid

Take complete control over your energy future. Utility Africa’s engineers will design the correct energy system that addresses your usage and needs.

Reducing your electrical needs through innovative designed and controlled systems as well as gas geysers and appliances.

Funding Your Energy Solution

Utility Africa offers a number of payment options to fit every need.

Pay For My Solution
Up Front

Ensure that your household is secure with electricity. Depending on the size and the purpose of your solution the return on investment (ROI) is generally 4-6 years depending on your solution and tariff structure within your municipal area.

Make Someone Else’s Money Work For Me

Make someone else’s money work for you. We offer a number of funding solutions through banks as well as private equity funding depending on the size and scale of the Energy Solution your home requires.

Enjoy the benefits of saving costs on your electricity bills as well as not being affected by load-shedding while not having to invest working capital into an energy/ solar system.

Let Us be Your Utility*

Utility Africa also offers a solution where we will install your energy solution for free, and you purchase the electricity from us. Let us be your Utility.

Have all the benefits of uninterrupted electricity supply (No more load shedding) and reduction in your electricity bill without laying out any capital with peace of mind that there is maintenance and support if anything goes wrong.

*This is currently only available in selected areas around South Africa.

Getting solar
has never been so simple.


Alternatively, Request a Free Quotation

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